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Jobs in areas of administration, commercial, marketing, accounting, public relations, finance, architecture, engineering, and others

This program was designed to allow a professional practice to those applicants who wish to have an experience in Argentina. Practices are a learning process. In addition to acquiring international experience, the participant receives new skills for his/her CV and academic credits.

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The internship program is a period of time dedicated to training with an organization or company, in a position related to your field of study or as a free experience. The applicant receives useful experience for you to develop your future professional career.

Both the candidate and the host company will benefit because they can exchange knowledge and ideas. In addition the applicant will gain self-confidence, and will be able to live in a different work environment, while learning new skills in different projects.

The number of practices is limited, therefore the candidates are carefully selected based on their profiles.

Based on many years of experience in the field of intercultural programs, our team is continuously looking for new companies, according to the interests and needs of our participants.

If necessary, Ciudad Universitaria can provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate that you will participate or have participated in our professional internship programs.

What else?

Before beginning the practice, the candidate must pass an interview with an advisor of Ciudad Universitaria via skype. If the participant passes that first interview must make a second interview with the employer to verify that he has the required level and motivation to bring his program to a successful conclusion.

During the first interview, the applicant will also receive from the Program Coordinator all the information regarding the activities that will be carried out during his / her practice.



The positions offered by Ciudad Universitaria are non paid.

Practices begin all year round. They are 3, 6 or 12 months of work experience in companies located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Students must apply at least 90 days before starting the program

The Program Includes

– Internships in areas of administration, commercial, marketing, accounting, public relations and finance
– Accommodation in hostel (room)
– Airport Search (for groups of 5 or more)
– Professional pre-practice counseling sessions

– City Tour
– Certificate of Professional Practice



– It gives the participant the ability to easily develop their skills in their chosen field of work.
– The work environment offers a fast and accurate learning process along with the support and solidarity of your     colleagues.
– The Candidate will work in a creative and versatile environment.
– Argentine society is always ready to welcome foreigners.
– The cultural diversity of its population, mainly of America-Europe, will enrich its experience.



– Be a student or graduate (university or tertiary)
– Be between 18 and 35 years old
– Have experience in the area that wishes to develop its practice (it is not exclusive).



– Air ticket
– Expenses related to obtaining the Precarious Residence
– Personal expenses
– Foods
– Transportation to the workplace
– Health Insurance



Compliance with process guidelines is crucial for confirmation of practices.

  1.  Contact Ciudad Universitaria in the form.
  2. Complete all the personal information required by the Ciudad Universitaria administration system.
  3. Upload photos, personal and professional profiles, CV, medical history. Select the program option
  4. Pay an initial fee of US $ 350, non-refundable.
  5. An advisor will analyze all the data provided and will conduct an interview through Skype to candidates who have completed all the information in the administration system, where they will evaluate their aptitude for the program.
  6. The candidate who was accepted must pay the entire program and arrange for their trip.
  7. The candidate will have to send the date of arrival to the country, as well as the details of the flight in order to coordinate the transfer from the airport.
  8. The participant hardly arrived in the country should attend an orientation meeting in the offices of Ciudad Universitaria in Buenos Aires. Then you must apply for your criminal record certificate at the nearest office. At 48 hours you must start the process to apply for temporary residence through the Internet. (It is important that the candidate brings all the requested documentation from his country of origin).
  9. Once given the turn must attend his interview with the National Directorate of Migration in Argentina to obtain temporary residence.
  10. During the time that the application for the interview and the issuance of the precarious residence and the DNI take, the participant must attend to interview.