Online Master in iSustainable development

iSustainable development has become a new paradigm of the 21st century, both in the public and private sectors, from the international to the local.

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In the tourism sector, this paradigm has crystallized in the idea of sustainable tourism, which focuses on the environmental, social and economic aspects of this sector. More and more public bodies, academic institutions, tourist destinations, companies and international organizations are concerned with integrating sustainability criteria into their policies.

The Master’s program in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Territorial Tourism Planning, which aims to train professionals and managers to lead the change towards a more sustainable planning and management of tourism, whether in public administration or in the private sector.

The pillars of the sustainable development and their common zones.

The TSDP consists of 55 teaching hours that includes:

  1. Management Skills
  2. Public relations
  3. advanced Excel
  4. Turistic marketing
  5. Coaching


● Employability: 3 workshops focused on the selection process and improvement of candidacy
● Entrepreneurship: through the Entrepreneurs Project where they will receive advice
● Career Transition: 5 workshops to guide students about their professional future

Talent Tourism Week
With the presence of relevant companies in the sector that will present their offers and then interview
potential students.

Employment forum
Companies participate by publishing their offers online and interviewing our students.

Company Meetings

Meetings between national and international companies, where students can learn about the most
demanded profiles in the sector.

Career opportunities in sustainable destinations

● Director of information, promotion and tourist marketing.
● Director of destination programs.
● Technician of planning and management of tourist destinations.
● Manager of specific tourism products.
● Technician of development of tourist product.
● Technical management of natural and cultural heritage.
● Local development agent.
● Analyst, consultant or adviser in the tourism sector.

Training plan

The Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourist Destinations and Territorial Tourist Planning is classified into
5 modules:

● Governance and sustainable management of tourism products and destinations
● Sustainable tourism development
● Evaluation, management and conservation of the natural heritage
● Tourism management of natural heritage from a sustainability perspective
● Master’s thesis