Top 3 Best Places in the World to Celebrate Christmas

The holidays are coming and with them the festivities. Among vitel toné, nougat and sweet bread, I know some of the best places in the world to spend a magical and different Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner. You have to think about family reunions, gifts, the grandfather who falls asleep early, some in “Santa Claus”, others in “the true meaning”, and others will start to see possible Christmas trips.
If you are of the latter, know that you are already half played with the times. But if you want to try the same, see what you lost or see what you can start planning for next year, here you have some options of places to spend the best Christmas in the world:


Although that’s what movies have accustomed us to, not everything is cold at Christmas. So with the 30 degrees that Australia usually has for these times, the holiday is handled a little differently.
Some families choose to dine al fresco on the beaches of Bondi Beach, picnic, play cricket, and even some surfers opt to slip into the sea dressed as Santa.
In addition, since 1937 in Melbourne, the “Carols by Candlelight” has been celebrated. It is a caroling show that spread throughout the country, and was rooted in the fundamental traditions of Christmas.
One more detail? There they were more realistic with the sheltered Santa Claus and combined it with the “Swag Man”, the typical local farmer in hat, shirt and shorts, who in this case handles the gifts to the smallest.


London is one of the most visited worldwide for the Christmas season, and the European city prepares to decorate each of its spaces to live up to the circumstances.
Among its special attractions for these dates are the “Winter Wonderland” (a themed amusement park in Hyde Park), its 12 ice rinks (the most famous one being located in front of the Somerset House building), the decorations of the shops Harrods, Carnaby Street shopping and dining, tree and carol in Trafalgar Square, and “Mulled Wine”, the special English drink for the winter.
In addition to Christmas markets, parties, the chance to meet Santa in the main downtown shops, and its special lighting (especially in the West End area), are characteristic of Europe’s most cosmopolitan city.


One of the most romantic cities of the popular imagination especially decorates its streets and monuments in the Christmas season. Lights, little trees, and ornaments are the order of the day both in public places and in large stores (such as Printemps or Lafayette).
Fiestas in theaters, museums, churches, and outdoors. Special masses in the Notre Dame Cathedral, free ice rinks, impeccably decorated and illuminated markets, the explicit romanticism of dining in a refined restaurant near the Eiffel Tower, and the inevitable tour of Les Champs Elysees are mandatory appointments in If you pass through the French capital.
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Now you know the best places in the world to celebrate Christmas

Which one would you like the most? offers you the opportunity to meet this amazing cities with the next programs:


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